My Chiki,

How are you already 3? I felt like I just brought you home from the hospital as if it was yesterday. Scared and nervous to do this all over again merely 16 months after I had given birth to your brother. I didn’t have such a great start with your brother so my nerves were high but my anxiety was low thinking and hoping and praying that you would breastfeed more easily or not be colicky like your brother. One of those two things were better with you. However, the biggest thing I was worried about was having baby blues. And on September 12, 2016 you came via planned c-section and boy were you perfect. I heard your loud cry and I thought wow, I have this beautiful little girl now.

I had most of my firsts with your brother, but I knew God saved some firsts for you. Like how you latched on so much easier. How I didn’t have to deal with baby blues with you. All the things I stressed about the first time, you gave me the strength to not stress about them. Thank you for that.

My Sweet Pea, the last 3 years went by fast but every time I look at you..

I see this strong little girl who doesn’t let anyone define what she wants

I see this beautiful little girl who is persistent and doesn’t take no for an answer

I see this fearless little girl who isn’t scared to try new things

I see this soft little girl who knows just the right thing to say when someone is hurt

I see this passionate little girl who goes after what she wants

Thank you for choosing me to be your momma, because it’s been an honor to be your mom. And you will understand this exact feeling when you become a mother someday.

I hope that you grow up to know your worth, protect your energy and tell your story your way. You have one life, live it your way. Happy Birthday my love.


Momma, Mama, Mummy and Mommy

Mommy and Amaya(5 months)

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