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I’m excited to start sharing some of the design details and process of our home. The best part about buying a brand new house is designing the house. Picking design choices for your home can be a very overwhelming process. You walk in, there are usually some sort of options and you have to decide and at some point sign on it and hope it all looks good. LOL!

In my case, when we purchased our house, there was no model to look at, just layouts, which made it a little difficult to see past drawings. Most builders don’t have too many layout choices, but our builders had about 10. That’s a pretty decent amount of models to choose from. You may wonder what the layout of the home has to do with designing your home. It’s everything, at least in my opinion. It’s one of the reasons why I changed my mind on the initial model we choose to the one we have today. After thinking about the layout and the flow of the house, I knew it wasn’t for us. It’s hard to look past the excitement sometimes of just getting a new house. But I believe you’ll be happier if you think through a little bit of how you picture your home and the flow of it.

Once they broke ground on our house, I knew the exciting part for me was coming. My husband didn’t really even try to intervene because this was my domain and loved doing it and he was very happy to just sit back and mostly agree with the choices made. Designing the space and picking the tiles, flooring, paint color, countertops, and hardware etc. was one of the easiest part of the entire new construction process for me. I knew prior to going in that I wanted a very light open feel and flow to the home and I also knew that in the open space on the first floor of our home, I wanted to do modern farmhouse, which helped with the design process.  

The design process also depends on your builder and what’s offered in your package. Since we were phase 1(remember, no model home to look at, lol), they offered their highest package with a lot of upgrades and options to choose from than other builders around the area. This part also depends on your budget and how custom you can truly make the home. To hopefully make it a little less overwhelming, I made a list of my dos and don’ts to help with the design process. 


  1. Make sure to research on the style that you may want to design. When you are scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram what style do you keep coming back to or like. Pay attention to those.
  2. Visit the design center a few times prior to making any decisions. This will help you get familiar with the different options you have.
  3. When visiting the design center, start to take pictures of the different options by category. For example, take pictures of just the cabinet and cabinet styles and keep it specific.
  4. Make sure to ask questions on how much flexibility you have on the choices. Depending on builder they may let you make minor changes.
  5. Try and enjoy the process of picking. After all, this is going to be your humble abode.


  1. Don’t make and sign for your design decisions on the same day.
  2. Don’t think you have to make all the decisions on the same day.
  3. If you feel overwhelmed, come back another day.
  4. Just because you have so many options, doesn’t mean you have to use all of them in different parts of the house. This will not help you with the flow and is one of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make, especially for new construction homes.
  5. If you and your spouse or partner are indecisive, take pictures go back and discuss.
  6. It’s ok to repeat same design elsewhere in the house. For example, our guest bathroom and our kids bathroom have the same tile, countertop and hardware on them.
  7. Don’t clash too many textures or colors because these choices are long term. The key to dressing up the home is the décor that comes after ;).
  8. Don’t go on trend unless you have the financial means or time to change it out later.For example, gold hardware is VERY trendy right now, so if you chose the option to use that for your kitchen hardware, make sure that you will like it long term because changes like that can get expensive.
  9. Don’t let your husband make the design decisions (ha-ha), unless he is more into it than you are, then switch the roles. If you can find a happy medium between the two, that’s always a win.

Hope this helps ease some of the overwhelming feeling of making design decisions for your house. If you have any additional questions or want to share your own experience you can leave a comment below! ☺

Until, next time!





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