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Happy Monday!!!! Gosh, it has been MONTHS since I’ve sat down to write a blog post. Believe it or not, I’m on my flight back and since we are flying over the middle of the ocean, I can’t have Wi-Fi so I figured, why not write this blog post while everything is fresh on my mind!

Let’s get started! First, TURKS and CAICOS is an absolute stunner. The teal blue water, the white sandy beach, I felt like I was in my own bubble. This trip was better than our honeymoon, no joke! It also helped that we weren’t running around our two young kids! Ha! As promised, below are all the details on where we stayed, where we ate and what excursions we did!


  • We had to get a PCR negative test within 5 days of travel.
  • Had to buy insurance – we used Trawick International.
  • Hotel provided rapid test for us to enter back into the U.S (scheduled through hotel)


We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Grace Bay Club. This resort has two sides to them. One is the hotel side and one is the estate side. Since this was our anniversary trip, we splurged and stayed on the estate side and let me tell you, it did not disappoint and here is why:

  • Huge spacious rooms
  • Small Kitchenette area with refrigerator
  • Free bottled water and small snacks
  • Large Bathroom with his and her sinks
  • Large windows with beautiful views
  • PERSONAL concierge(That’s right, they give you their cell phone numbers and check in on you) If you need ANYTHING, they are there! You want them to make dinner reservations for you? Done! You want them to get you cash? Done! Quite literally, anything you need they are at your service.
  • Free breakfast daily(in room service style). The hotel side has to go to their restaurant between 7:30-11am.
  • Private beach & Pool just for estate residence

We did pay a pretty penny for this. As mentioned, we splurged on this. The hotel side is slightly cheaper with many of the same amenities, however you don’t get the personal services.

  • On Top of this we also got the romantic package. AND WAS IT WORTH THE PRICE! For $450, we got 50 min massage couples massage, a dinner on the beach(this bill alone was over $500 alone), Champagne and Roses with chocolate covered strawberries. It was almost $900 bill for only $450.
  • Dinner on the beach was at their Infiniti Bar & Raw Restaurant which has such an amazing ambiance with a full vegetarian & vegan menu.
Overall, I give the resort a 4.8 out of 5. They knocked it out of the park for us. We want to bring our kids back next time! Another hotel we also looked at was “Seven Stars”, that one also got great reviews but we wanted something more private for this trip.

FOOD: We are vegetarians so this was specific to our diet

  • Terrace Bar & Restaurant: This was overall OK. We needed something the first night near the hotel. Its walkable and decent food. We got samosas and flat bread. 3.5 out of 5.
  • Coco Bistro: Not too many vegetarian options, however the two options we did have were AMAZING! We got the Thai Curry & Fettuccine Pasta with Veggies(Make sure to add Jalapenos!). Both were delicious! The ambiance here is a little dresser than just your usually shorts and swimsuit look. 4 out of 5.
  • Cocovan: This place is super casual. Its like a sit down food truck, which is right next door to Coco Bistro. They are both on the same lot. I liked this place a lot. We got the Falafel Tacos, Mac N Cheese Balls and Buffalo Cauliflower. I loved the Falafels Tacos & Mac N Cheese Balls. The Buffalo Cauliflower was sub-par in our opinion. But this was a super quick & easy lunch idea. 4 out of 5.
  • Thai Orchid: If you’re looking for something different on the island as far as cuisine goes, this is an awesome Thai place. SUPER casual and family owned. Here we got the Pad See You with veggies and Fried Tofu in a sauce. Both were authentic and delicious. 4.5 out of 5.
  • Somewhere Cafe: This one you will literally here everyone talk about! This one is also a super casual Mexican spot in the front of the ocean. You can walk in with your bathing suit, no issues. We got the Black Bean Tacos and Nachos. BOTH did not disappoint. 4.5 out of 5.
  • Coyoba: This is a fancier restaurant for an Island, so you want to make sure you dress up a little, but no need for ball gowns for anything. Ha! This was mainly seafood so not a lot of options for vegetarians, however, the service was amazing and they had enough food for us. We got the Gnocchi Gorgonzola, Curried Cauliflower, Truffle Fries, Bread, Artichoke Parmesan. These were ALL sides, but the portions were as if they were full meals. And for dessert, I got their  Friend Banana Cheesecake with Ice Cream. EVERYTHING was delicious. 4.5 out of 5.
  • The Infiniti & Raw Restaurant: This one is within the resort but such a beautiful ambiance. The lanterns, the lounge seating and the live music. You def don’t want to miss this one even if you aren’t staying here. Our dinner on the beach was here and the entire meal was delicious! We got Veggie Soup of the Day, Broccoli Steaks, Tofu Dish, Eggplant Dish, Chocolate Gourmandized for dessert and its so so yummy! 4.5 out of 5.

Excursions & Activities :

  • Jet Ski: Many of you may already have done this, including myself. It was my husbands first time and we had a blast. Compared to my first jet ski experience in Cancun, this was WAY better. They took us to the south side of the island, much more quieter and basically we had the entire ocean to ourselves. We didn’t have to worry about crashing into someone or something. We also got to see BEAUTIFUL, large vacation homes. One that was said to be sold for $48 million, rented for $ 17,000 a night or a tour for $7000. Crazy right? Overall, jet ski through this company called Tropical Waves  was a great experience.
  • Boat Couch: This was the cheapest excursion, but also the shortest. It’s basically a huge couch boat and you put on a life jacket and hold tight. The boat will pull you in the ocean and make sharp turns etc. It was a super quick excursion, but a fun one. It was about $35 a person. For this, you can just ask your hotel and the boat comes right up to your beach area.
  • Buggy Tour: This was super fun. A way to tour the island a little bit. You basically drive your own buggy around town including highways! However, they did an amazing job showing you how to drive the buggy and also kept us ALL super safe. Marvin, the main man made the tour so much fun. He was funny and entertaining. It about a half day tour with lunch in a fish shack. However, once again they accommodated us by frying the French fries in different oil and sautéing some veggies in a sauce that was sooo yummy. This isn’t a full on lunch included but it was overall a fun experience. Company name: Island Style Tours
  • Spa: We did this as part of the package and it was great! I have seen and been to better SPAS than this as far as aesthetics, however for that package price, this was a GREAT Deal!

A few side notes:

  • It’s not the cheapest island, so be prepared to pay at least $50 for each meal. ha!
  • Bring bug spray, especially if you are prone to bug bites. And take a travel size with you in your purse as well.
  • Rash guard is highly recommended! 
  • Although the resort was near perfect, I would like to state the concierge did not communicate with us that there was not much options for vegetarians at Coyoba. The restaurant was pretty upset that they weren’t able to provide full vegetarian options. As mentioned, their sides were large portions so we didn’t mind at all. 

Hope this helps you all when you’re ready to vacation in Turks & Caicos! Make sure to Share & save!

And as the islanders say- Amazin’ Amazin’ Amazin’ – Good Vibes Only!



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