When it comes to purchasing items for your home, most of us wonder well what should I save on and what should I really splurge on. What are the items can I buy to achieve a look I want without having to spend so much money. Well, I’m here to tell you in my opinion what is save items versus splurges. I know not everyone may agree with me, but this is from my personal purchases and experiences.

Before we get started, I want to add that everyone’s budgets are different. For some you want to save on everything, for some you can splurge on everything so do what works for your budget. This is just a general guide based on my purchases for my own home.

Splurge: Sofa

Sofas are items to def splurge on. Why? Because you will probably have it for at least 10 years! You would want to look at quality for this one. You and your family will use this item daily. If you have kids, they will jump on it A LOT! With sofas, you want to make sure you purchase a more classic piece, more neutral tones so that if you need to spruce it up, you can change the fabrics if needed without having to purchase a new sofa.

Save: Side Tables

Side tables can get pricey depending on where you are looking, however, look at where the side tables are going and base your budgets on that. Many retailers like Target, Walmart, HomeGoods, etc carry very reasonably priced side tables. If you see them at a good price, GET THEM. On the flip side, for example, if you want nicer looking side tables let’s say for your master bedroom as I did. I “splurged” for my side tables a little bit. But remember “Splurge” is different for everyone. Overall side tables can definitely be in the save category.

Splurge : Mattress

Mattress is another item that will stay with you for at least 10 years. You want to look for quality, comfort because you want to be able to sleep peacefully everyday. Don’t nickle and dime here.

Save: Sheets

Sheets should be under save category because you don’t need like 15000 thread count sheets. LOL It’s nice to have if you want, but maybe instead buy a comforter or a duvet that you love and buy cheaper sheets because you don’t see them. But remember you also want it to be comfortable while sleeping.

Splurge/Save: Master Bed

Some may or may not agree with me on this one, but I think quality matters here. Yes, you can get pretty decent priced bed frames nowadays however, its one of those items you will have long term 7-10 years. There are always sales etc to make the price a little more comfortable for you. That’s why this one fits under both splurges and save because I think you can go either way.

Save: Lighting

I know I know, good lighting can be daunting to find but this is something you want to save on. I can’t tell you how many beautiful lighting I’ve seen on Wayfair, World Market and even Target. Styles change, so when you save on lighting and want to change it up, you can easily do that even yourself whether that a quick lamp shade change or a floor lamp.

Splurge: Flooring

This one is an important one because floors need to last you YEARS! So if you are planning to do floors, this is one of those things where you don’t want to save on. You want quality, durability, and proper floors.

Save: Rugs

Rugs nowadays are so easily accessible at such good price points you don’t have to worry about what if something happens to it. All my rugs in our home are pretty decent price points because I knew if my taste changed in a few years, I can easily change my rug without thinking “omg, I spent 1000s of dollars on just one rug”. However, I did invest in 2 ruggables for high traffic areas so I can wash them when needed.

Splurge: Kitchen Table

This one is probably also debatable, however in my experience we decided to spend a little more on the table itself since we don’t have a formal dining room currently. But even if you did, kitchen table is where you eat everyday and use it quite a bit. You want to make sure you get a good quality one. Ours is from Pottery Barn and has held up pretty well so far.

Save: Chairs

Kitchen chairs I feel really strongly that you can save on. There are so many online websites that have great ones at such a reasonable price and many of them come in a set of 2. I got mine from Wayfair and it looks so good with the table. And if you have kids, if they end up destroying the chairs, you won’t feel so bad getting new ones.

Splurge: Window Treatments

Window treatments are important and I will say this in my honest opinion that I moved WAY too quickly on mine. Because we have so many windows, I just couldn’t handle people seeing through our home. And I spent a lot of money on it. If I can re-do I would do probably do different window treatments. But its also not the worst so I’m still happy overall. Make sure you are buying quality window treatments since you want it to last for years.

Save: Home Accessories (Art work, florals, frames, sculptures, etc)

Home accessories does not have to be expensive. You can find artwork, florals, even furniture pieces such as book shelves at a great price point. When you mix and match key pieces, I promise you will end up with a very beautiful look. Target, Homegoods, Walmart, & Amazon are all great resources for home accessories such as those I mentioned.

With that said, keep in mind that when I say “save” I don’t mean that you will get all the save items for like $50. Save means you can probably find the same items at a more reasonable cost.

Many of us want our homes to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks and I’m here to tell you that it’s completely achievable. It may take a little more time and patience to find the right pieces but you will end up with what you are looking for.

I hope this was helpful to you guys! As always if you have any questions, ask below, shoot me an email or find me on Instagram @rushmehome.



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  1. Very helpfull tips!!! Really admire your decor and ideas on all the home and daily essentials.

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