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Where do I even start? So much to reflect on and say but can’t seem to put it all into words but I’ll try. Last year has encompassed all things amazing, exciting, stressful, crazy and beautiful. Thinking back, I definitely did not know what I was walking into. Recently, I was in a meeting at work where I presented with 2 other members of the team. Our executive asked a question which was something in the line of “what does this mean to you?”. My colleague answered but she mentioned how we are not where we want to be. And my direct boss stopped her and said, ” I agree we aren’t where we want to be, but let’s not discount all the amazing work that has already been done, because its A LOT and it has changed for the good” and my friends that hit me HARD. That lesson goes for anything in life right? It also made me think about my blog and although at times I feel like I haven’t come as far as I would like to, I have to remember all the things I did accomplish in year one.

When we are in the thick of it all, we forget to reflect to see how far we have come. Whether that was good or not so good and I think its important to reflect on both in order to learn and grow. So I wanted to share my thoughts, my good and not so good from the past year. I’ll start with the good:

  • I spent hours upon hours creating my website on my own.
  • I wrote 40 blog posts.
  • I posted 140 pictures on Instagram.
  • I now have approx 3360 amazing followers.
  • I shared parts of my home with all of you!
  • I worked with a few amazing brands (Wiwiurka Toys, Zulay_Kitchen, AllumeStyle, HoliChic and Color Me Rouge).
  • I had a brand photo shoot in my home with ModiToys.
  • I was a guest blogger at Modi Toys for Onam.
  • I did my first Instagram takeover for Diwali at Hava World.
  • I walked in my very first NYC fashion show for HoliChic and Reemat Designs.
  • I did an amazing Diwali photo shoot with Color Me Rouge.
  • I attended my first HGTV Home Event in NYC.
  • I was approved for LiketoKNOWit app and Amazon Influencer Program so I can easily share my picks with you guys.
  • I collaborated with amazing ladies for awesome giveaways.
  • Most importantly, many of you shared personal stories with me(Good and bad)asked me design questions, and gave me words of encouragement just at the right times.

Now onto the not so good and I share this because I think it’s important to learn from them:

  • In the first 4/5 months of me starting the blog, I got my first “hate” message on my blog where this person questioned my degree for design and said “I also like home decor doesn’t mean I’m an expert”. The lesson here was that if you are confident in what you want to achieve it doesn’t matter if people put you down or ask if you have a degree. The last time I checked, not all interior design bloggers have interior design degrees, not all food bloggers went to culinary school. Many of us are just following what we love to do and have been self taught.
  • I’ve had people who don’t really know me say hurtful things, so I confronted the situation head-on. And I’m sure there are people who still continue to do so and that’s OK. Its on them, not me. The lesson here is, if something bothers me that much, I prefer to just talk it out rather than being so upset all the time. It’s a learning process.
  • I’ve had people who I personally know follow me but not support what I was doing. The lesson here is that when you start something you assume your family and friends will rally behind you and not everyone will and you have to be ok with that.
  • I’ve had people play politics because let’s be honest it’s everywhere including social media. My lesson here is, it doesn’t matter where you go it will exists. Just do you!
  • I’ve had people message me asking me to be their mentor but didn’t follow me nor engage with me or my posts. My lesson here is, people who truly want to get to know you for you and engage and have honest conversations with you will stay along your journey.
  • I’ve had people tell me “who does she think she is?”. The lesson here is that you will always always have people who will say this in all aspects of life. Continue to be true to yourself and grow in your own capacity.

Even with all the negative aspects of blogging and sharing, I chose to remember my GOOD, choose to know that people will talk NO matter what and as they say, if people aren’t talking about you, you’re not doing anything worthwhile. So I continue to keep doing what I feel is right and follow my path. As I go into year 2 I want to go in with a clear heart and mind knowing that I’m sharing what I love which is home design, motherhood and bits and pieces of my life. I hope all of you follow along and be inspired because at the end of the day, only the good really matters and the not so good helps you grow. Excited for year 2 and let’s cheers to that!

Here are a few pictures of my journey of year 1. Enjoy!!!

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