It’s my favorite time of the year! I’m sure many of you feel the same. Can you believe it’s almost Diwali?! I mean how did that happen??? Its been a tough year for all of us and I know many of us are going to be home with just our loved ones on Diwali. Last year, when I created my guide, you all found it so helpful. This year I’m back with an updated guide to all my favorites. Just like last year, I want to make the list easy and quick and categorized as I know it can get overwhelming when it’s super long. I have almost all these brand at home myself so I know they are good! Thanks for always trusting me with my picks and hope you and your family enjoy the goodies.

** New Business Alert

Kids Learning Cultural Gifts:

**Indigrow Kids: This new and growing brand has an array of learning games, books & more. Coupon Code: RUSHMEHOME for 10% off

Kultural Khazana: This shop has all different goodies for you, from stickers to books. Coupon Code:  RUSHMEDIWALI10 for 10% off the entire order

Khaylo Toys: This new brand just came out with her Diwali book and it is CUTE! I shared her book in my IG stories and let me tell you the kids LOVE IT! Coupon Code: RASHMI10 to get 10% off on orders over $35.

Modi Toys: You all have heard of the cutest Baby Ganesh , Baby Hanuman and now Baby Krishna! Their brand also carries board books, cards and wall prints. Modi Toys now also offers a Rewards Program. What does that mean? Well, the more you shop, the more points you earn to redeem it for a discount on future purchases. Coupon Code: RMH10 for 10% off $65+ and RMH15 for 15% off $110+

Sanskar Teaching: If you want a fun way to learn Hindi and Gujarati Vaishali’s memory game is a MUST. My kids have always been fond of it. And she does virtual Gujarati classes. Coupon Code: SANSKAR10 for 10% off on memory game and cards.

Bolo Bolo Baby: This brand has Hindi and Gujarati workbooks, wooden calendars and more. Another great way to teach your kids the gift of language. Coupon Code: RMH-DiwaliGift to get a free Diwali gift with any purchase.

Desi Babies: This brand had books, wall prints, coloring books, and puzzles. It’s a one-stop-shop. Coupon Code: DIWALI15 for 15% off.

**Fairy Faire Art: This brand new business launched recently and has the cutest stickers. Coupon Code: RMH15 for 15% off $20 and RMH20 for 20% off $50

Sona Sparkles: This brand is currently offering her Diwali pintables for only $5. You can’t beat that!

Fashion for Adults & Kids:

**Aarika Closet: Providing you with comfortable and stylish children’s clothing ages 1-14. Coupon Code RASHME15 for 15% off

HoliChicbyMegha: This brand carries Chic Women & Kids clothing, including accessories. Coupon Code: Rashmi10 for 10% off.

Hava World:  Providing you with super comfy everyday stylish kids fashion for both boys and girls. They have the cutest and the softest clothes that you can dress up or down. I promise you, your kids will feel comfortable.. Currently, they have discounted items from previous collections. Coupon Code: RUSHMEHOME15 for 15% off the entire order on their upcoming collection

Home Decor: Candles, Personalized Cutting Boards & More!

**BhaashaBasics (Ghar Basics) : This brand is new to my guide this year but they provide everything from crafts, learning tools & home decor. Coupon Code: RUSHME10 for 10% off $65+.

Creativecraftymom: This brand makes the most beautiful intricate pieces, you would want it in your house. The designs are just stunning. Check them out for yourself in her Etsy shop. Coupon is good until October 16th or until supplies last! Coupon Code: RUSHME10 for 10% off.

Scrumptious Wicks: These candles are well… scrumptious. Inspired by South Asian Scents. My current favorite Cardamom & Pepper. Coupon Code RUSHMEHOME15 for 15% off order. Discount can’t be used for Gift Sets and Bundles as they are already at discounted prices.

** Homebound Custom Books: This brand is new to my guide this year and provides hand stamped books & custom decor. Coupon Code: DIWALI for 10% off.

Tealfirefly: She has a Diwali Pack, Banners and Prints for your home. Coupon Code:  RUSHME10 for 10% off entire order.

Wellness, Chai , Jewelry & Gift Boxes

The Chai Box: I cannot say enough about this brand and the founder of The Chai Box. Nothing says I’m home like a cup of chai. Coupon Code: ILOVERUSHMEHOME15 for 15% off.

MasalaMyLife: I’ve recently worked with this brand and their boxes are so beautiful curated and made. All different items and styles to choose from. Coupon Code: RUSHME10 for 10% off whole site.

Umeedh Jewelry: Offering beautiful fashion jewelry and donating part of proceeds to different organizations. Coupon Code: RASHMI15 for 15% off.

TheChaiMommas: These 4 mommas have a Diwali Love + Light box that carries some of the above brands mentioned. They will start selling these boxes on October 12th.

Neha Assar: You know the mehndi design mug you all ask me almost every time I post, it is from Neha’s shop. Get your own personalized mug and if you sign up for her email list, you get a discount on your purchase!

Small Businesses Coming Soon…

** Bamboo Candle Market: Providing Soy Candles inspired by Seasons & launching soon. Coupon Code: RUSHMEHOME5 for 5% off entire order.

** ArjunaDesignStudio: Luxury Modern South Asian Home Decor. They have stunning items in the works, which may not make it for this years Diwali however, their brand is too stunning not to share. Can’t wait for for from them.

I hope this is helpful for all of you! I wish you all the very best Diwali this year with your closest family and friends. May light shine brighter than ever before. I know we can all use it.

With love,


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