12th St.

The 12th St Project

Our 12th St. clients in North Jersey were eager to decorate their new construction home. They reached out to us for their open-concept living space. They already had a beautiful fireplace with built-in shelves that was the room’s star. The client wanted a super modern and minimalistic look. We added lovely touches to this space, from the rug to the marble side tables with the pops of green in the curtains and pillows. We mixed warm and neutral tones to their built-in shelves and made them functional by adding baskets to throw in knick-knacks when needed. We made sure to include their personal family pictures and memories on the shelves as well. Across from the built-in shelves, we added three long mirrors to make the space feel more open as the home is more vertically deep, and we want to make sure we create a space that makes it seem bigger than it is. See more of this beautiful space below!

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