Happy Tuesday… it’s our favorite day of the week because I love to share my Target picks with you guys! And this week is special because my 2 bloggers friends and I are giving away not one but three $25 gift cards to our favorite store Target. And what type of Target lover would I be if I didn’t give you my picks so that its easier for you to purchase my favorite decor items?

To give you guys some inspiration, while we were at the store I was able to style a couple of different items, that was simple to put together.

I create this piece on the spot at Target
  • Start with styling books (What I usually do is remove the covers so you have neutral tones)
  • Use a tray (I love this Lazy Susan, but you can use a tray you have at home or the ones I suggested)
  • Use items with different heights and colors that are multidimensional (I used a mug and then for height I added the amber bottle with some greenery)
  • Enjoy your beautiful space! (Be proud of yourself)
  • Start with a vase, preferable a semi-tall one. 8- 12-inch vase ( I use white vases, always a good color t start with)
  • You can use faux greenery, dried florals or real flowers ( There are so many new dried florals in Target stores, def go in person to buy your picks)
  • Use a mix of different heights and colors
  • Make sure you are using different neutral tones
  • Enjoy your masterpiece!

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips! Happy Target Tuesday and Happy Shopping!! Go to my LIKETOKNOWit app to get all the links to my picks!

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