Namaste Friends,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a blog post. Mostly because work has been busy and I feel like I can’t get to ever catch up on anything, if that even is a thing when you’re a mom. LOL

This month is my son’s birthday and every year I get super emotional and start to think about how I was feeling the weeks before his birth. The questions I was asking myself  like what type of mother I would be, or what type of baby he would be. What I didn’t prepare myself for was the post postpartum stuff.. god that’s a blog post all in it’s self.

The one thing I was sure about was, I wanted to make sure my kids growing up understood that everything they have was worked hard for. I’ve mentioned it before, I didn’t grow up with much. Barely any toys(I got my first barbie at the age of 31), or the cool clothes I saw other girls wear at school. But I did have a roof over my head and food to eat, things that children around the world don’t have. My fear was that my kids wouldn’t know that money didn’t grow on trees and that you have to work hard for what you want in life. Because of this, when Armaan was born, we always found ways to give back. Sure my husband and I give back and donate to charities through the year however, to ensure Armaan and Amaya were learning, we implemented small things in hope that it’ll stick one day:

  • For their birthdays we donate to a charity that’s close to my heart –
  • If we happen to have a party, we have asked our guests to donate as well to savethechildren in lieu of gifts.
  • As his birthday approaches I ask him to start thinking about which toys he would like to donate to kids who don’t have them. This year instead of picking small items, I was happy he chose quite a few small and big items into a box.

(Birthday Donation Box 📦 2019)

  • For Diwali(Indian Festival also known as Festival of Lights) I also put out a paper bag so that we put toys we can donate.

(Diwali 2018)

  • We personally never get them big toys or gifts. If we do, it’s usually books(the bookworm in me. hehe). This year he is super into learning about the States and Capitals- we got him the below book.

These may not be big enough(sometimes I don’t think they are), but I hope one day these small things will make a bigger impact on their lives and that we should feel lucky for all that we have and to always help others in need.

I hope this inspires you all to teach your little ones different ways to give back to our community and others who have far less than we do. I know this blog post isn’t about interior design or decor, but this is my small bit of motherhood I share. ❤️

Would love to hear how you teach your kids how to give back to our community. Be sure to leave a comment below or at @rushmehome on Instagram.



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