This year mother’s day will have a whole new meaning in my eyes. All of us won’t be able to go out and celebrate whichever way we normally would. For me, every year my husband sets up a 3 hour spa day surprise for me and I just show up, which is always nice and relaxing. However, that is not happening this year.

In my opinion, all the moms deserve a HUGE trip after all this is over. ha! Who’s with me? But while we all patiently wait, today I’m sharing gifts that moms would enjoy at home this year. It doesn’t always have to be fancy! Just something to make her feel special.

For the Book Worm Moms:

This is for all the book worm moms! Give her a stack of books maybe 3/4 with a ribbon on it with cup of coffee or chai. And basically leave her alone for the day while daddy handles the kids. This way mom can enjoy some time alone reading and enjoying a cup of coffee, chai or I mean even wine. LOL! Def check out my blog post with book recommendations. I’ve linked a few below.

For the Mugs Moms:

This is for all the mug collecting moms! All moms drink a lot of coffee or chai to get through our day during these quarantine times and momma can always use another mug to add to her collection. Here are some to get you started. Make sure to fill the mugs with some chocolates or serve her breakfast in bed!

For the Framed Art Work/Pictures Moms:

This is for all the moms that love framed artwork or pictures from their kids. It’s a super cute way to display kids’ art in a nice decorative away. You can use art that already been done OR make new art or pictures you may have and frame it.

For the Spa Moms:

Bring spa to your home! you can purchase pre-made spa kits or make one for yourself. Who doesn’t love some “me time” with some candles, bath bombs and a relax afterwards in a cozy robe. I mean even put a sign outside your bedroom door. DO NOT DISTURB. ha! Here are a few items to get you started.

For the Jewelry Moms:

These are for the moms who love wearing jewelry, especially small delicate pieces like myself. Something that you can wear on a daily basis.

For the Kitchen Gadgets Moms:

Although it’s hard sometimes to think of what to give mom, many of us end up in this section. And no it doesn’t have to be here is Tupperware, if you’re going to give her a kitchen item, let’s make it worthwhile for you, or your mom. And when I say gadgets.. I mean fancy coffee machine for all the coffee she will be drinking and a kitchen aid for all the cookies she will bake herself. HA!

Small South Asian Businesses Moms:

This one is def the closest to my heart because your purchases help their small business thrive. If you’re looking to support here are 3 gals that would be perfect to add to your list! They all create these in their homes so you know it’s coming from the heart. It brings me joy to say that I’ve met all three of these beautiful ladies in person and they are amazing inside and out.

CreativeCrafty MomNimisha

Nimisha create these beautiful string art right in her home. She is such a sweetheart and makes the most beautiful pieces! Check her out!

Scrumptious Wick – Sonya

She absolutely has the best South Asian inspired candles which are perfect for moms, Sonya hand ours these candles in her studio at home. Check out her website, and use code: RUSHMEHOME15 for 15% off your orders!

TheChaiBox- Monica

Monica is such a sweet soul and blends all these Chai blends at home with her 3 sons. She recently came out with a Chai concentrate as well. If you’ve been meaning to try now is the time. And what better way to mom’s heart than some good Chai. Check out her website and use code: ILOVERUSHMEHOME15 for 15% off on all regular priced items and Chai concentrate. It does not work on gift sets and discounted pricing.

Tealfirefly- Laxmi

This momma has beautiful art prints you can easy purchase and frame through her shop. She also provides downloadable prints as well. Make sure to check her out!

Hope you found some inspiration on things you can do for your mom or yourself! You can mix and match all of these items to give her an all round gift package! Remember at the the end of the day for moms its never about how big or small the gift is(I mean I was pretty serious about the vacation part though), its that you appreciate all she does for her family & kids. And the biggest tip I can give you is.. just sent this blog post link to your husbands and say look, the work is pretty much done for you!

If you thought this was helpful, please share it with family and friends and tell me your thoughts or questions below! And as always, tag @rushmehome on Instagram.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you!



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  1. Love this list! Thanks for putting it together. Need to share some of these items with the hubs now 😉

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