Namaste Friends,

It’s that time of the year, everyone is excited about the Holiday season and opening presents on Christmas morning and hoping that the gifts are what you wanted. I will be very real here and tell you, if the person you’re giving the gift is NOT into home decor, well my gift guide is not very useful. LOL Just saying. With that mind, below are my top home decor gifts:

Framed personalized prints:


Styling books:

Dessert ware


Coffee Machine

Throw Blankets

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, JUST GET HER A TARGET GIFT CARD and COFFEE and leave her alone for a few hours. TRUST ME. LOL!

Hope you all enjoyed this guide to help you chose a gift for all your home decor lovers! Be sure to share your buys with me on Instagram @rushmehome or comment below!

Until next time..XOXO


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