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It’s my daughter’s birthday week, so I figured what better way to show you all glimpses of her bedroom. Hers was the most undecided out of all of them to be quite honest. I had so many ideas but none of them really stuck. I went on a trip to Home Goods and I saw these framed wall decor and then it all just came together. And sometimes honestly that’s all it takes. However, if you’re struggling to figure out where to start. Here are my quick tips on wall decor for Girls Bedroom:

(1) You don’t have to put wall art on every wall. Try to figure out different ways to decorate the wall.

(2) Try not to overwhelm the wall. For example, if you have wall paper on, opt to go for just a simple frame or a name wall art instead.

(3) Just because its a girls room does not mean, everything has to be exploded in pink decor. You can do neutrals, add different colors.

(4) DO NOT. And I REPEAT, DO NOT paint the wall pink and then pick pink frames and art. You want to make sure you are offsetting the pink with some other neutral colors.

(5) Pick Art or wall decor they can grow with.

(6) If you are on budget, you can always print your own art and buy frames from Home Goods, Amazon, etc.

Below are my top 9 picks and links for Art/Wall Decor for Girl’s Bedroom:

Pottery Barn Picks:

Target Picks:

Etsy Picks:

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