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My favorite season is upon us! yay! When I moved to the east coast, I definitely had some culture shock especially since the west and east coast have some pretty big differences. Weather is one of the top ones. But.. when fall arrives every year, I naturally relax a little more, the change of leaves just leave me breathless at times. The drive to work gets a little prettier. You don’t have to worry about the humidity of the summer or the freezing cold of the winter. It’s just the right spot. Ok.. so you get the point. ha!

Let’s get back to home decor. To be quite honest, I do not go crazy with fall decor inside or outside of the house. That just is NOT me. And also, I refuse to pretend to get ALL this fall stuff just for Instagram. It wouldn’t be true to me. However, I do small touches that don’t break the bank and make it feel warmer during the fall/winter seasons. Today, I bring you my front porch fall decor ideas and my picks for outdoor planters and how to easily decorate without having to feel like you walked into hobby lobby or Michaels. And if you are that person, nothing wrong with that.

I don’t like crowding my front porch with a lot of stuff, so here is my advice on porch decor for fall.

  • Buy pieces that you can use year-round, such as planters that are neutrals.
  • If you are a pumpkin type of person and like to buy new decor each year, buy real pumpkins that you can put on the front so that you can get new ones every year.
  • If you want faux pumpkins, go to neutrals or white pumpkins so that you can just paint over them.
  • You can also buy real pumpkins and paint over it to save money.
  • If you want a neutral wreath, you can do that so it can go for fall or winter or YEAR AROUND.
  • You can update your mat for a fall look.
Yes, I know I need to get 2 more pumpkins. Honestly #momlife

These are just a few ways to not break the bank each year. I only bought a few things so that I can re-use especially when it’s seasonal.

This year I decided to keep it simple and got 4 mums at a nearby nursery, got two new smaller planters and 6(actually 4) white pumpkins from Hobby Lobby to create a quick and easy fall porch decor. Guys, I need to get two more pumpkins, but I haven’t been able to go to Hobby Lobby because… #MOMLIFE

Anywho, below are my outdoor planter picks! Happy Fall everyone!

Until next time.



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