Home Decor Services

We currently offer 3 different packages to help you create a beautiful space in your home! All services include a pre-assessment questionnaire and a quick 10-minute phone call to discuss needs.

Intro Package:
Includes: 1 room 1 mood board;
1 revision;
and links to all products.

Value Package:
Includes: 2 rooms 2 mood board ;
2 revisions;
and links to all products.

Go Big or Go RushMeHome Package:
This package is an in-person full house service and can be flexible to your needs.
Additional costs applied based on needs.

Please fill out the form below for pricing information. Company disclosures & policies below.

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    Disclosures & Company Policy:

    All items will need to be purchased through links provided.RushMeHome does not control vendor inventories, if not purchased after mood board services are complete, no revisions will be allowed for OOS items.

    Recommendations from RushMeHome are not liable for any issues or defects from manufacturers and suppliers.

    Both Client & RushMeHome will regularly communicate to ensure client & company expectations are met and the best service is provided. Clients understand that each project & outcome is dependent on a per-project basis.

    Any project will not start until a 50% initial deposit is made to RushMeHome.