Community Outreach

Thank you for coming onto the RushMeHome Community Outreach page. Here I will share links & resources to help guide you. I know social media can sometimes be overwhelming and I want to make it easier for anyone to be able to have open conversations and a safe place. I will try my VERY best to keep this page updated as often as possible.


Postpartum Support – This links directly for resources & help

#Breakthestigma4Nima- Youtube video made by her Family.

Postpartum Health Alliance – Additional resources

Breastfeeding – Resources with breastfeeding

BLACK LIVES MATTER. (Links & Resources) – This links directly takes your to blacklivematter movement. You will find many great resources and articles. – This website is a petition platform for not only blacklivesmatter but other topics as well. You can also directly donate here as well.

South Asians & Black Lives – This website has resources and actions that you can take today in a detailed out list.

DoMoreCollective – A resource that helps match make black & minority brands and individuals with free skilled resources. You can sign up to be a resource to someone. A great way to make a small impact.

Book for Kids to support conversations on Race – This list has 31 book for children to help start the conversations.

Diverse Kids Toys– A great list of toys & books that shows diversity for our kids.


I hope to eventually build this page and community so please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me directly.

With love for our community,