Bedroom Desks

Happy new work week! A lot of you mommas who follow me are working moms and for the past 5 months we have pretty much doing bazillion things at the same time and has been a struggle to keep an actual “work space”. And its no news that we will be in our homes for a while so if you’re thinking of finally putting in a work space in your rooms, I have some helpful tips below.… Read More

Pillow Talk!

Namaste Friends!

Who doesn’t love throw pillows??? Right? Ok, well I think most husbands aren’t really into it, including mine. He doesn’t get why we need so many. LOL Throw pillows are everythingggggg when decorating and styling. Pillows give the right amount of pop to any furniture in a home. And if you have the opposite problem, you can use your extra pillows to style in other areas of the house.… Read More