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Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends. We had a pretty eventful weekend. I threw my daughter a small birthday party and then I went to a BSB concert. That’t right Back Street Boys. Anyway, I know many people have asked me for Boys Bedroom Area Rugs. I mean really it can also be for girls 🙂 Before I give you my top picks, as usual below are my quick tips:

(1) Make sure you’re getting the right size rug for the room. Sometimes rugs makes or breaks the room(the decorator in me at least thinks so!) Below are the sizes I suggest for a standard size room for kids:

4×6 – 5×8 – 8x 10

(2) If your room is themed, make sure to keep the rug more subtle, you don’t need to have everything exploding in bright colors etc. Example: My Son’s Space Theme Room.

(3) Just because it’s a boy’s room, doesn’t mean you have to pick boy colors. Nothing wrong with picking neutrals or rugs that have tassels.

(4) I know kids grow out of their rooms fairly quickly, however quality does matter and sometimes you have to pay the price for what looks good. I def did with my son’s rug. It took me all of 1.5 months to finally say “No, I really like this rug”.

Alright, below are my top nine picks(you can also directly get links from the LiketoKNOWit app, follow @rushmehome.

This is the one I have in my son’s room and I LOVE IT. It’s soft, beautiful quality!

Here are all my other picks:


Crate & Kids

Hope you enjoyed my picks! Have a fantastic Monday!!

As always, tag me if you’ve purchased from my picks! Would love to see which ones you have chosen.

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