What are Plants without Cute Planters!?

Namaste Friends!

The last post, I discussed how I become a new plant parent and the plants I currently have, but the best way to dress up plants around your home is to place them in cute planters. I know there are so MANY options these days and which ones to choose from, but worry not, I have aggregated my top 10 picks for you below and you don’t have to break the bank unless you want to… ;P

*Side Note: Pricing may differ on each based on size. All items are at various price points.

(1) Ceramic Succulent Planters – $14.83 (Set of 6)

(2) Cylinder Ceramic Succulent Planters – $14.90 (Set of 2)

(3) Small White Threshold Planter

(4) Liv’ 8″ Footed Planter – On Sale – $29.99

(5) 3- Tier Metal Planter Stand – $49.99

(6) Mid-Century Black and White Planter – $69.99

(7) Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic – $29.99

(8) Manner- 2- Piece Tin Planter Set – $171.99

(9) 3- Piece Ceramic Planter Set – $136.99

(10) White Ceramic Flower Pot- $29.99

Hope you enjoyed my top picks for planters. Which one do you like best? Tell me in the comments section below! And as always, if you end up purchasing any of these, would love to see how you guys have incorporated it to your home decor, tag @rushmehome on Instagram! Until next time…



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