Toy Room Organization Quick Tips

If you’re a mom you know how hard it is to keep toys organized. Everyday you feel the “ugh, toysss everywhere!” Sure, the space of the toy room matters but I always believed that if you have the right organization you can achieve a clean space without feeling cluttered. And although a Pinterest worthy playroom sounds like a dream to most, I think you can find a balance between functional, pretty and a clean look. Below are my quick tips to de-clutter your play space to create a space that you and your kids are happy with. And as a bonus, some of my favorite organization solutions are linked below!

Quick Tips:

  • Donate toys every 3 months. This is HARD for many, but it is a crucial part of keeping tidy and organizing. 98% of the time its the family members who are spoiling my kids and to be quite honest if I kept every single piece of toy that they have, it would need multiple rooms. And although, my kids toy room(which is really a formal dining room) is attached to formal living space which is empty and I can use that space to keep toys. I make sure it doesn’t just spill over. Every 3 months may seem extreme to a lot but really most kids are only playing with their main toys most of the time.
  • Organization cube, baskets and bins are your best friend. Am I saying be OCD and make sure each bin is organized by color? NO, because let’s be honest we all have priorities and we can’t achieve that on the daily and that’s ok. Covered cubes definitely help hide the toys and the mess. ha!
  • If you have the space, you can section off the room into different areas. I have a reading nook, a art area with table and chairs, Kitchen and Playhouse area and a white board area for learning. This helps kids organize in their heads as well.
  • Try and keep designated clean up times. We do one right before lunch and then another one before bed time, if time permits!!!! That way they also learn that its important to clean up after themselves. I will tell you, I struggle with this daily and I have myself left toys because I or the kids weren’t having a good day. However I try to keep this a rule 90% of the time.

Hope these tips help you get started. To be quite honest, these tips work for us and it may not work for everyone but if you try any, let me know how they work out for you!

Below are the organization tools I’ve used to help get my toy room organized! Click on the image below to get to all the links easily! Do you do any of the tips above? If so, tell me below what works for you? Would love to hear!

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