Top 5 Ways to Style an Accent Table.

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Hope everyone had a great week and is excited about the weekend. Honestly, I was supposed to write this post earlier in the week and then was feeling under the weather so delayed a little. #momlife.

Today I’m here to share the top 5 ways to style a accent table, and you can do it without breaking the bank and can use items you already have in your house. Since we have moved to this house, we don’t have any accent tables in the main living room areas mostly because I have two toddlers and they will break something. I’m sure of it. LOL! So, the side table pictured below actually is in our master bedroom and is part of my reading nook design. I really love this Bowden side table from Wayfair. It’s pretty and has enough space to place items on top. I linked everything that I could find online below. So let’s get started.

Style 1: Bookin’ It

Do you have books at home? If so, then stack a few and add a succulent. Easy Peasy!

  • Books are from my own collection
  • Succulent is from a local grocery store for $1.99

Style 2: Boss Babe

You can even take small knick-knacks you have sitting around like this small frame, black decor piece and added it to two (fake) books.

  • Boss Babe Books- Hobby Lobby(Blush Marble)  I got these at the store and can’t find them online, however, I found these online so pretty!
  • Black Decor Piece- Michaels
  • Small 3×3 Frame – Home Goods

Style 3: Family Love

Added this frame with a family picture from our family room and the lantern came in a two-piece, the larger one sitting in our family room. And this faux flower is for $3 from Michaels.

Style 4: Farmhouse Chic

I used the same lantern from the previous pictures and put the flowers inside instead of laying it flat and then added this beautiful decor piece.

Style 5: Plant Love

These beautiful set of marble succulent planters are easy to line or group them together on any table setting.

Hope this inspires you all to use what you already have in your house to style any of your side tables at home!

Have an awesome weekend. Until next time..



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