Tips for Organizing a Small Pantry

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I’m excited to share my kitchen pantry today because honestly for one, I don’t have a HUGE pantry you see in most houses and I knew that going in. But just because I do not have a walk-in the pantry does not mean I couldn’t organize it the way I want to. When we picked this model for our home I knew the pantry wouldn’t be too big. Is that good or bad? Honestly, not sure. ha! The reason why I say that is I’m not the type of person who NEEDS to have a packed pantry for the “just in case”. I’ve learned to shop for only the items I need. Including Indian spices and lentils. I’m also not the type of person who COOKS up a storm like every day. I like to keep meals simple and easy to make. And that shows in my pantry. So if you’re like me don’t feel bad. I think sometimes when you see so much food on social media or big pantries you feel the need to cook up a storm or have the same. I’m here to tell you, you don’t.

I also want to mention organizing can get overwhelming so don’t think you need to do ALL of it all at once. To be quite honest it took me almost a year to finally organize it properly. Sure, I had containers etc but I still was testing out what I use and what I don’t and how I wanted to organize the space. We all know organizing can get expensive but again doesn’t have to be. You can buy as you go and see what you like and return what you don’t. But over time you will see how much more you save by just knowing everything you have is being used. Organizing is a long term thing so TAKE YOUR TIME!

Let’s get started, the items you need:

  • Plastic or Glass Containers ( If I had to re-do mine, I would do glass, but my kids go in and out of the pantry so I got worried about breaking)
  • Crates/Baskets(Depending on space)
  • Door Organizer
  • Label Maker
  • Labels

Below are my tips for an easy pantry organization:

  • If you haven’t used your Indian spices or lentils for more than 2/3 years, they gotta go. It’s most probably bad and at this point, you don’t need them.
  • Buy only what you need. I do NOT keep things in bulk mostly because it’s so wasteful. If you do use it on the daily or weekly then sure get the bigger size bag, otherwise keep it to the minimum.
  • If your pantry is adjustable, use those to your advantage and make an adjustment so that you are using the space properly for larger/taller items.
  • Use the different levels to your advantage, for ex: if you use certain items on the daily, then put those at eye level, versus items that aren’t put them on top or bottom.
  • Can’t say this one enough, use bins and baskets to your advantage. It helps hide items and also keeps them organized.
  • Use containers that are consistent and so that they fit nicely in the pantry
  • MAKE USE OF DOOR- I can’t say this one louder LOL! When you have small pantry space you have to maximize whatever space you have. Use door organizers from Amazon of The Container Store!
  • Label your containers. I named most of mine specific expect for containers that may change. i.e- I made a generic “Snack” container or a generic “Cereal” one so that you can put any type of snack or cereal.

Hope this helps you get started! The goal here is to go in phases, don’t feel overwhelmed and If you have any questions! Ask me below or be sure to follow me on Instagram @rushmehome and tag your pantry creations!

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