Quick Tips on Accent Chairs

My daughter finally got a little upgrade in her room. We had a rocking chair that we have had for over 5 years. We got it when I was pregnant with my son and then when we moved we passed it over to my daughter but once I was close to finishing up her room, the chair just didn’t go well. I ended up selling the rocking chair and finally updated it with the look and style of her room. And she LOVES it. When it comes to accent chairs it can me a daunting task, and so many options to chose from. Below are are quick tips and my top picks for accent chairs. Hopefully it helps you get started!

Quick tips:

  • Make sure you’re choosing the right size for the space, just because the chair is nice doesn’t mean it’ll always look nice in the space. I like more streamlined and clean chairs versus SUPER bulky.
  • Make sure your intentions for the chair are understood prior to purchasing. It is more for styling of the room were it won’t be used on the daily or it is something you will use every single day. That’ll make a difference in comfort levels.
  • Understanding the style you are going for in important, so if you want to blend in with the rest of the room go neutral route, if you want something that will pop in the room, go for a brighter color so its more of a focal point in the room.
  • Kids Rooms Tip: You don’t always have to look at kid stores for it. Any of of the below can work in any room including kids, depending on your style and need, so don’t shy away from looking at your options.

Hope the above help you choose an accent chair, but don’t worry below I’m sharing my top 9 picks for accent chairs from Target! That’s right. Most every single on is under $200. Can’t beat that.


Now tell me, which one is your favorite? Be sure to check me out on @rushmehome on Instagram & Pinterest!



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