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Who doesn’t love throw pillows??? Right? Ok, well I think most husbands aren’t really into it, including mine. He doesn’t get why we need so many. LOL Throw pillows are everythingggggg when decorating and styling. Pillows give the right amount of pop to any furniture in a home. And if you have the opposite problem, you can use your extra pillows to style in other areas of the house. I took two of my pillows and just placed them by my large mirror in my master bedroom. So cute! 

I have rounded up my top 9 amazon pillow picks and guess what?!? ALL of them are under $20 bucks(really 15 bucks) for a set of two! What a deal! It includes one of the most asked about emerald green pillows that I have in my master bedroom.

Here are my tips:

As much as you see all those Pinterest and Instagram photos, you DON’T need to go overboard on like a thousand pillows on your bed, couches or chairs.

  • Master Bedroom: 4-6 throw pillows (in addition to the regular pillows we sleep on) This is for a king-size bed
  • Couch: 6-10 different sizes dependent on how big the couch is. Also, don’t get all the same size. Play around with different sizes.
  • Reading Chair: 1-3 dependent on the size of the chair. My master bedroom reading chair has 2(1 large and 1 Medium) and my reading chair in our office has 1 small.
  • Don’t be shy to play with some color even if you have a neutral palette.
  • Buy Pillowcases so that you can change them whenever you need to without having to buy a whole new pillow.

Below are my links to my top favorite amazon pillow picks

Happy Deal Shopping!!

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