Peel n’ Stick Wallpaper Installation

Oh, boy, has it been a journey to finally do our first wallpaper project. It may sound silly but it took me soooo long to make a decision on Amaya’s wall. I knew I wanted to do an accent wall but I just didn’t know if I wanted to do wallpaper or a board and batten look or maybe even shiplap. OR do I leave it the way it is? It was a lot of discussions and when I say discussions, it was an internal discussion in my head. haha! Doing any sort of accent wall takes effort and you also have to make sure you are willing to stick through with it for a while.

Here is the deal though, peel and stick wallpaper come in all different price points. I almost got one that was $600 bucks that would only cover ONE wall. But I didn’t because something in my head and heart told me, just keep looking. After searching for months and months, I finally found this company RoomMates and they have a great selection of wallpaper. And I fell in love with this floral pattern only to realize it was out of stock! I thought to myself OH NO.. I finally found the one and of course its sold out. I decided then to go on Amazon and type in the same name and see what happens, and there it was! Same price and on Prime. It was a win-win. I bought the wallpaper immediately. Overall, it was totally worth it. It looks absolutely beautiful and the quality seems great. Time will tell how long it’ll last, but I think it’s a good way to make a statement without it be permanent.

Let me walk you through my process and tips on installation.

Total install time(including prepping the room and cleaning): Approx 2.5 -3 hours.

Total costs: $105 (Wallpaper + Smoothing Tool)

What you need:

  • The proper amount of wallpaper (make sure you measure your wall properly)
    • Our wall measured 14 x8 (exact was 13’3×7’4)
  • Wallpaper smoother
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Small ladder

Prior to installation:

  • Remove all items away from the wall you are installing, if you have enough space just move it to one side. Don’t forget curtains, and curtain rods.
  • If you have a new painted wall, unfortunately it says to wait until 4 weeks after to install

Tips for Installation:

  • Make sure you’re measuring correctly because you will most likely have more in a roll than the wall. Leave about .25 inch when you cut at the bottom just in case you have some cushion. Let’s just say our first piece has a tiny tiny space at the bottom. You can’t see it but its there. ha! if you have a tiny bit leftover, you can use the cutter and just cut it off.
  • The smoothing tool is very important, we would only peel about 2/3 ft at a time and then smooth out all the air bubbles.
  • You have to get really precise on the ends of the wall because you want to make sure there is not too much space.
  • When you get to your second piece the pattern will not always match exactly so you will have to make sure to start in the right place- this is KEY! The take away here is that you will not finish a roll ONE at a time, you may need to open the next roll to make sure you continue to the pattern.
  • If you have windows on the wall as we did, we would carefully install the wallpaper and then cut around the window. This took some time because we had to make sure we are precisely cutting around the windows.
  • Last important RULE- DON’T RUSH IT. Some of you may have bigger walls and no windows so more to cover.
  • Side Note: If you’re really don’t want to take the time to do it, that’s ok there are contractors who can come in and install for you. It’s just dependent on your budget needs.

I hope this helps you get started and not feel afraid to try! If I can do it, so can you! I would love to hear your thoughts and questions below! As always follow me on IG @rushmehome.



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