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Pillow Talk!

Namaste Friends!
Who doesn’t love throw pillows??? Right? Ok, well I think most husbands aren’t really into it, including mine. He doesn’t get why we need so many. LOL Throw pillows are everythingggggg when decorating and styling. Pillows give the right amount of pop to any furniture in a home. And if you have the opposite problem, you can use your extra pillows to style in other areas of the house

Vases under $30

Namaste Friends,
I’ll get straight to the point here. I have a few vases now and trays(my husband is basically borderline upset lol) as to how many I can possibly have. Anywho, I want to talk not only about my favorite vase that sits on top of our kitchen island and some of my top picks

Kids Playroom Series: Part I (Storage)

Namaste Friends,
Since starting this blog less then 3 months ago, I was not sure what was going to come of it but honestly, I have already met some amazing women. The part of social media that I absolutely love. One of the requests that I’ve gotten in that short time frame was how I designed my playroom(mind you, it’s still work in progress) and tips and tricks I may have

Top 5 Ways to Style an Accent Table.

Namaste Friends!
Hope everyone had a great week and is excited about the weekend. Honestly, I was supposed to write this post earlier in the week and then was feeling under the weather so delayed a little. #momlife.
Today I’m here to share the top 5 ways to style a accent table, and you can do it without breaking the bank and can use items you already have in your house

What are Plants without Cute Planters!?

Namaste Friends!
The last post, I discussed how I become a new plant parent and the plants I currently have, but the best way to dress up plants around your home is to place them in cute planters. I know there are so MANY options these days and which ones to choose from, but worry not, I have aggregated my top 10 picks for you below and you don’t have to break the bank unless you want to… ;
*Side Note: Pricing may differ on each based on size.…

Let’s Talk Plants!

Namaste Friends,
My family and I have been traveling recently, and now being a plant parent, I was a little worried that by the time I came back, my plants will not stay alive. I was frantically trying to order water bulbs(which by the way worked, more on that below) from Amazon to get it on time so that I, crossing fingers won’t have to worry about them