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Area Rugs Quick Tips

Namaste Friends,
I’m finally writing this post on Area Rugs, a post that’s been requested multiple times. Better late than never right? Let’s get started. The area rug we have in our living room has been amazing to us so far. We spent about $450(on sale now for $100 less) bucks on it and we got a 9’10×14 which is a pretty big size rug

Kids Reading List!

Namaste Friends,
A lot of you mommas have asked me what are the top books that my kids have been into.. and of course I had to write a blog post about it because I love reading. Honestly, I don’t read as nearly as much as I use to. But it’s important to me that my kids like and enjoy reading as I always have.

Pillow Talk!

Namaste Friends!
Who doesn’t love throw pillows??? Right? Ok, well I think most husbands aren’t really into it, including mine. He doesn’t get why we need so many. LOL Throw pillows are everythingggggg when decorating and styling. Pillows give the right amount of pop to any furniture in a home. And if you have the opposite problem, you can use your extra pillows to style in other areas of the house

Vases under $30

Namaste Friends,
I’ll get straight to the point here. I have a few vases now and trays(my husband is basically borderline upset lol) as to how many I can possibly have. Anywho, I want to talk not only about my favorite vase that sits on top of our kitchen island and some of my top picks

Kids Playroom Series: Part I (Storage)

Namaste Friends,
Since starting this blog less then 3 months ago, I was not sure what was going to come of it but honestly, I have already met some amazing women. The part of social media that I absolutely love. One of the requests that I’ve gotten in that short time frame was how I designed my playroom(mind you, it’s still work in progress) and tips and tricks I may have