3 Easy Steps to Propagate a Pothos Plant

Guys, I know I didn’t launch a rocket into space or anything but as I learn more and more about plants, I love them so much. I’ve been wanting to propagate plants for a while now and for some reason ALWAYS nervous. I know many of you think I’m an expert, but honestly I’m really not and the reason why I try as much as possible to document my plant journey is I want to show people its not as overwhelming or intimidating as it looks.… Read More

Bedroom Desks

Happy new work week! A lot of you mommas who follow me are working moms and for the past 5 months we have pretty much doing bazillion things at the same time and has been a struggle to keep an actual “work space”. And its no news that we will be in our homes for a while so if you’re thinking of finally putting in a work space in your rooms, I have some helpful tips below.… Read More

Toy Room Organization Quick Tips

If you’re a mom you know how hard it is to keep toys organized. Everyday you feel the “ugh, toysss everywhere!” Sure, the space of the toy room matters but I always believed that if you have the right organization you can achieve a clean space without feeling cluttered. And although a Pinterest worthy playroom sounds like a dream to most, I think you can find a balance between functional, pretty and a clean look.… Read More

Quick Tips on Accent Chairs

My daughter finally got a little upgrade in her room. We had a rocking chair that we have had for over 5 years. We got it when I was pregnant with my son and then when we moved we passed it over to my daughter but once I was close to finishing up her room, the chair just didn’t go well.… Read More

Save or Splurge: Home Edition

When it comes to purchasing items for your home, most of us wonder well what should I save on and what should I really splurge on. What are the items can I buy to achieve a look I want without having to spend so much money. Well, I’m here to tell you in my opinion what is save items versus splurges.… Read More