Master Bedroom Sconces Tips & Picks

Many of you may or may not know what scones are! They are a fancy word for candle light fixtures that you can use to add a touch of elegance to any room. After much needed discussion in my head(where I am usually lost in thought most of the time LOL). I decided to sell my side table lamps in my master bedroom and add small sconces above my bed. Now, not only does it save space on the side table, it adds a touch of “oopmh” to my master bedroom now AND just it gives just enough light while I reading so it doesn’t disturb the husband!

I’m also here to tell you, you do NOT have to break the bank on this. There are loads of affordable options, below I’m sharing my picks at all price points, many of them under $100 per sconces. You can’t beat that! Before I share those, just a few quick tips on how to pick Sconces.

  • Evaluate the decor in your room to figure out a style. Make sure you’re looking at hardware color etc to make sure the scones will match.
  • When thinking about 1 or 2 sconces in your rooms, you can even switch it up where you can add a dramatic large sconces on one side versus 2 small ones.
  • Do not add large lamps and sconces to an area, you don’t want to crowd the space.
  • Make sure that is the look you are going for. Sometimes sconces is not the right decor piece for the room.

Hope this help! Let me know below which one is your favorite? And as always tag me @rushmehome on IG if you decide to do your own little update!



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