Namaste Friends,

Namaste Friends,

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! The curtain topic was one of the biggest asks from my followers, I mean how can it not since curtains basically give any room that perfect touch. I don’t joke when I say that my master bedroom curtains has to be one of the most complimented items in my room. And the best part is I did not break the bank with those curtains.

Everyone has different taste and price points when it comes to purchasing home goods. Some prefer higher price points while some want a great deal. I share both, which means something for everyone  đź™‚ And, just as a preface, if you have very large windows in your house, it may make sense to get them custom made which will automatically put you at a higher price point. However, in my case, I know that I will eventually change my decor in a few years(I know if my husband read this, he would be shaking his head lol) so I knew I didn’t want to purchase super expensive curtains. I got my emerald green ones from Amazon all for about 80 bucks for 4 pieces. What a steal!?! Am I right?? So, let’s get started!

Here are my curated tips for curtains in a Master Bedroom:

There are multiple ways to put up curtains however, the two ways I prefer are:

  • Always put the rod 2 to 2 and a half inches above the top of the window OR
  • Make it almost flush to the top of your ceiling. Personally, I prefer having it flush, it makes your windows look larger than they are and it makes the room appear bigger than it is. Trust me on this!
  • If you are going for a neutral look, curtains are a good way to give it the right pop of color, so play around with the color scheme you are thinking about. My master is pretty neutral so the emerald green really pops.
  • If you have a colorful room, I suggest you make your curtains more neutral to balance off the rest of the room.
  • Since we are discussing a master room specifically, I suggest you make your curtains full length. For example, if you are putting your curtain rod all the way flush to the top then you want to make sure you measure to get the right size since it will be more than your usual 82-inch length curtains, more like 96-inch curtains which is what I have.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with the curtain rod placement. For example, mine is actually screwed into the ceiling versus the window wall. It gives it a different look feel and touch to the room. However, it was a little more painful to put up. But totally worth it, IMO.
  • If you don’t want to use the loopholes that the curtains come with, you do NOT have to. I did not. I actually bought hooks and put them on top. It gave it some additional length as well.

Hope you enjoyed the quick tips, and I’m sharing my top 9 Master Bedroom Curtains picks:

The order is from left to right

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  1. Aruba Curtains in Sour Cream
  2. Emery Linen in Ivory
  3. Versiltex in Teal and Taupe
  4. Roslynwood Velvet in Dark Green
  5. Climbing Floral
  6. The Gray Barn Sunset
  7. Singnature Pinch Velvet Blackout in Ivory
  8. Gila Ruffled in White
  9. White Semi-Sheer Curtains

Happy Shopping! And as always if you have any questions leave a comment below or follow on Instagram @rushmehome.

Enjoy your weekends!



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