Kitchen Spice Organization

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I wanted to continue with my organization series with Kitchen Spice Organization. As I’ve said before, organization takes time, especially when it comes to certain areas of your home such as Kitchen & Closets. I’m here to tell you if you do them in small steps, you will find the joy in it, at least that’s my hope. ha! Honestly, this is exactly why I broke all my organization blog posts up, because doing it all in one post makes it seem like a little more stressful and unrealistic. Just like you would organize in real life, in bits and pieces thats how I’ve done my blog posts, at least that’s how I see it. Anyway, let’s get started!

Oh… one more thing …guys this is just how I am. LOL, I want to mention that I’m not a pro cook who has 100s of spices around my house. I keep it very simple and stick to the ones I use daily or weekly. If I’m making something special, then I go out and get what I need. I want to be transparent here because I’m definitely not that MOM who cooks up a storm on the daily. And if you are, that’s amazing! and can you send some of your delicious food to my house? haha! But today I want to show you two different way to organize your spices! The drawer option(if you have a drawer you can use) or the small cabinet organization that I found the most useful in my space. Either way will work, just depends on the space you have and how many spices!

Ok Ok…now, let’s get started.

Before you start, you will need the following(I will link all the items below so its easy for you):

  • Same size containers
  • Label maker
  • Storage for spices

Quick Tips:

  • Use clear glass containers so you can see them properly. I love the ones I got, it comes with a funnel so you can easily pour the spices into the jars.
  • Clean out everything that you currently have first.
  • Throw away spices that you haven’t used in a LONG time or won’t use in the future.
  • Decide where you want to store them. I’m showing you the two ways I would do it, but if you have A LOT more spices, you may want to buy a large rack.
  • Arrange spices alphabetically or group them in a way like I did(most used together).

Ways to organize:

(1) In a drawer next to your stove, where its easily accessible. I had bamboo wooden organizers in the drawer so I just lined them up nicely. And I had just the right amount of bottles to fit in one drawer. This looks asstetically beautiful however, if you have more than what fits it may not be feasible option for you.

(2) In a cabinet organizer like below. This option worked for me because its compact, fits in a smaller cabinet and it displays it nicely when the drawer is out. If you have a smaller space this may be ideal. I had a drawer, but this option for me seemed the best way to go.

(3) You can also use door mounted spice racks or magnetic strips to make use of the inside of cabinet doors.

Hope this helps you get started. I’m linking everything you need below. And I can’t wait to see all your organized spices soon! Tag me @rushmehome on instagram or comment below!

Happy Organizing!!



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