Kids Top Affordable Bed Picks

Happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. About 2 weeks ago, we caved in and finally got a big girl bed for my daughter. Honestly, we should have done this a while back when we went from crib to toddler bed. Live and learn. HA! Anyways, lets fast forward to about a few weeks ago when she just refused to sleep in her toddler bed. Didn’t care for it anymore, would literally cry for a LONG time because she disliked her toddler bed that much. Now she is MUCH happier in her new twin size bed!

I know that when she is around 9/10 she is going to want to update her room(and me I’m sure haha) so I did not want to spend a ton of money. I knew the look I was going for and finally found a Crate & Kid dupe for half the price. So I pulled the trigger! It is beautifully made, and Amaya loves it, I love it, so its just a win-win situation over here.

Below are my bed picks, including the one we purchased for Amaya(it is currently OOS, I’ve linked similar ones for you guys!) Enjoy and have a great rest of the week!



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