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A lot of you mommas have asked me what are the top books that my kids have been into.. and of course I had to write a blog post about it because I love reading. Honestly, I don’t read as nearly as much as I use to. But it’s important to me that my kids like and enjoy reading as I always have.

Reading has always been my escape from reality. I remember when my mom use to have to yell at me for so long to get out of my room because I would be so lost in reading. I miss those days. However, I love that my husband and I get to share that with our kids and through their eyes. I love when Armaan will point things out in a book that I wouldn’t even notice. The smallest of picture. Or when Amaya says “mommy, is that you, me, dada and bhai”? It melts my heart the small connections they make during reading time.

Many of you may have a lot of these already but these are my top picks of what the kids are enjoying and I’m linking many of the other ones they have and we rotate every few days! Happy Reading! 

Armaan’s Top Book Picks:

National Geographic Books:

The Ordinary People Collection(He loves all the ones we have however below is his top favs):

Other Top Fav Books:

Amaya’s Top Book Picks:

Other Fav Books:

Happy Reading!!!

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