Kids Playroom Series: Part II (Reading Nook/Area)

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a design blog post. I know, I’m sorry! I feel like sometimes I struggle with trying to do everything and its hard to balance. I’m sure most you know what I mean, but let’s get back into it. Let’s discuss reading nook/area for kids playroom.

As you know, I’m a bookworm, so it was always important to me that my kids love reading. We read to my son basically since we brought him home from the hospital. This momma is turning them into little book worms 2.0. haha. Anyway, I wanted to ensure I integrated a reading area in their playroom. That way its not just filled with toys everywhere. It turned out that the kids LOVED it. They read there everyday(pretend or real) and it’s nice to have a dedicated space for them to read during the day when they are downstairs.

The book self I got is small and perfect size for a corner. I also added two chairs that are personalized(they got them for Diwali from their grandparents). I’m planning to add a faux plant behind the book shelf. this specific picture, I just happen to put my real plant from our office to see what it would look like. I think a taller faux plant would look great and I won’t have to worry about the mess of a real one in their play room. Below, I have provided links to the items I have at home and also some book shelves and chairs that are similar to what I have.

Wildkin Sling BookShelf in Natural Grey – $35.99

Large Dark Grey Outer Space Nod Chair – $139.99 – I know these chairs are expensive however, they do have the cutest patterns versus what I have seen on amazon etc. But I know not everyone is willing to spend the money. But just wanted to put that out there. 

Small Gold Sparkle Nod Chair – $99.00

Similar Products for Book Shelf

Similar Products for Chairs

As always, hope you enjoyed this post and be do share if you buy or integrate your own reading nooks into your kids playroom. Would love to see it! Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow on @rushmehome.



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