Kids Playroom Series: Part I (Storage)

Namaste Friends,

Since starting this blog less then 3 months ago, I was not sure what was going to come of it but honestly, I have already met some amazing women. The part of social media that I absolutely love. One of the requests that I’ve gotten in that short time frame was how I designed my playroom(mind you, it’s still work in progress) and tips and tricks I may have. Well, let’s get right to it..

When we bought our house, we knew we were not going to be get a separate play area or a room. Any of the models above ours provided that but it was too big of square footage for me(bigger house doesn’t always mean better ;). I knew going in that we would make our formal dining room our play space. The one thing I wanted to make sure was that as long as it wasn’t right as you entered the house, it would be ok. Many of you mommas, may only have a toy corner and that is ok. You can make it functional and cute all at the same time. Today, I’m going to discuss the storage I have and some of my other storage favs for you guys.

This one specifically is from Crate& Kids and the price is steep, however I’ve linked cheaper and very similar options below. The one I got was from Land of Nod before my son was even born. And they no longer carry it.

2-in- 1 White 3-Cube Organizer

Other options of similar storage unit:

Better Homes & Garden Organizers

Better Homes & Garden 4 Cube Organizer:

The cute animal storage organizers I bought are from amazon linked below:

Set of 3 Foldable Fabric Basket Bin

On one side of the wall I have the below storage in white, but Wayfair also has different colors. They are sold individually and are so cute when stacked side by side. I have mine stacked 4 in a row. It basically covers 70% of the wall and all of their toys can nicely be organized.

White Toy Organizers

These are the only two types of storage I have in our play room. I have a reading corner, a easel, a toy kitchen and a table and chair set. All of which I will discuss in future posts. But below are other storage units that I love and linked:

For smaller playrooms, I love this cute all in one storage unit:

Zoomie Kids Nettles Toy Organizers

Harriet Bee Everton Kids Storage:

If you’re looking for one that can be functional and very easy on the eyes, the below is beautiful, you can add some storage baskets inside:

Carson 6 Bin Organizer

Hope you got some storage inspo here today! Have an amazing weekend and stay tuned for the next blog post on the playroom.

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