Guide for Organizing Kids Playroom

It’s been forever it feels like since I have written a blog post. As many of you know I took a nice little break from Instagram and it was so so needed. I’m back and ready to get back into the swings of things. During my break, I decided to transition my toddler playroom to more “big kid” playroom as they were outgrowing some of the items. You guys know me enough now to know I purge like every few months, it’s so so important for keeping things organized for me and my kids. Today I’m sharing my quick guide to a more organized playroom. Whether you are just here to tidy or transitioning your playrooms as your kids get olde. This quick guide will help you started! I’ve also linked all the items for you guys below as well.

Follow these steps to help you organize your kids playrooms:

(1) PURGE You will hear this from every person who love to organize. It is a key step! Its literally my favorite part. ha! Donate what you can and let go of what you can’t. Those close to me know how much I love doing this.

(2) BUY storage units where you can categorize and store items. It can be a storage unit, baskets, bins etc. For example, Pretend Play, Wooden Blocks, Dolls, etc.

(3) CREATE different areas within the room to help them differentiate the spaces. For example, Reading Nook, Pretend Play or Arts & Crafts.

(4) ADD small touches of greenery or wall decor, if possible. You can reuse the art your kids create and frame them. Instant wall decor!

(5) LABEL where you can. I can’t tell you how much I love this final touch. Especially if your kids are at an age where they can say letters and colors. This also provides additional activities for my kids to do at the end of the night. And it also makes me happy to see everything tidy so I say its a win-win.

I hope you use this quick guide to help you get started on your playroom organization. Below I’ve linked all the products I’ve used in my playroom.

Happy Organizing!



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