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Namaste Friends,

Happy Friday! It’s def been one of those rough weeks for me. From work being overwhelming and then trying to fit in blog and business stuff has me going crazy and it’s Diwali this weekend, so you know how it goes! But… you know what does make me happy? Organizing! I got this from my mom, but I feel like organizing and cleaning is my relaxing technique. It’s how I distress. Don’t get me wrong I’m not organized all the time but I try my best to keep things tidy as possible. So I figured I would start my organizing series with you guys with that drawer full of hair accessories that your daughter has and you know the feeling you get of “crap, I should really clean this drawer one day” every time you open it. Well, I got you!!! And, I’ve been on that same boat for a while.

All you need is one drawer, these three items from The Container Store(or options I suggested) and about 20 mins. Yes, that’s right 20 mins. Organizing doesn’t mean it has to be done all at once. It takes time and when you do it once drawer or section of the closet at a time, it’s much less overwhelming.

Here are my quick tips for organizing the hair accessories drawer:

  • Start by making piles. example: things that don’t belong there, things that need to be donated or trashed.
  • Don’t keep accessories to keep it, “oh one day she will wear it”. If your kids haven’t used it in the last 6 months, its gotta go!
  • I used bracelets and watch holders to put all the bow rubber bands, so its all in one place.
  • Buy more or less depending on your needs.
  • Don’t overstuff the organizer, that defeats the purpose of organizing, you want to be able to see it all.

Below are the links to the items I used and a close up the organizer of how I organized her hair accessories! Enjoy! Have any questions? Leave me a comment below and tag me on instagram @rushmehome.

Other Affordable Options:

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekends! Until next time..



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