I hope everyone is keeping safe in these crazy times right now. Honestly, I myself have had days that are really good and then days that I literally don’t want to do anything(even though that’s not really an option for us moms!). But keeping a positive mind and heart is what is keeping me going. I’ve shared in my stories maybe about a month ago that I was getting custom frames from Framebridge. I have been wanting to get their frames for about a year because it is all about budgeting and I had other important items to get before these frames. I do want to mention, these are not gifted or sponsored, I paid for them myself  however, I will say the overall process was easy, fast and didn’t take much time putting it up! Below is their process and what it looks like up in my house.


  • Visit Framebridge website.
  • Select the frame(s) you’re interested in. We chose “The Triptych” under Gallery Frames.
  • Upload high-quality pictures(it will not upload if the pictures are not high quality especially for larger frames as as mine)
  • They will give you a mock living room to show you what it looks like.
  • If you like what you’re seeing you checkout.
  • Shipped to me in less than a week(super fast).

Once you receive it:

  • Box comes nicely packed and safe.
  • Included is a template, hardware needed to hang.

Overall it took us about 30 mins to just make sure everything was aligned and good to go. I definitely would recommend using Framebridge for custom frames and currently, they are having 15% off everything which is a pretty good deal! Use code: TAKE15 to save 15% on your first order! If you’re not ready that’s ok, make sure to save this post or the post on Instagram for when you want to come back to it.

I hope you enjoyed the quick review of Framebridge! Let me know what you guys think below. And if you have any questions, ask them as well. Happy Framing!



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