Namaste Friends,

Over the three day weekend a few weeks ago, my husband and I got a lot done around the house, felt very productive. We went to the container store… yes god bless my bank account. It’s true, you go in there and come out buying the entire store. That’s usually me. However, this time I had my project in mind. My coat closet, it doesn’t seem as exciting but let me tell you it was such a good feeling to clean that closet out. You really don’t realize how much you accumulate but don’t use. As I try to be more conscious of what I buy and if I really “need” it etc etc, I realized how much I had but didn’t really use.

Today I’m sharing my tips on how to organize and clean out your coat closet that are simple and easy to implement immediately. Does that mean you need to go to the container store like right now and buy everything? No absolutely not, because you can start cleaning out your closet without having to purchase anything. However, for optimal organization, I suggest you purchase some organizers to help you get setup.

Before I get to the pictures below, here are my easy tips to get you organized:

  • Remove everything, yes I know seems like a daunting task but its the best way to get started.
  • Make a donate pile, keep pile and a maybe pile(you can Marie Kondo it when you do this part but not necessary. whatever makes you happy in this process, do that) And side note here: If you have NOT used the item in more than 6 months including your winter items, donate!)
  • Make sure your donate pile is packed up in bags so you are not going back into it. Its best if it’s out of sight.
  • Depending on closet size, use organizers that best fits the needs and spilt it up like I did. For example, if it’s just you and husband, use one basket per person. If it’s a family of 4, I put all the kids winter items together in one basket. You get the point here.
  • Use consistent hangers, not only does it look good, they space out nicely as well.
  • Label the baskets by person or items that way it’s easy to find!
  • ENJOY your beautiful cleaned closet!
Before Picture- And yes thats a pink rubber ducky!

I labeled my baskets “mama bear, papa bear, baby bears”
Different view of our closet

Hope all these tips and pictures inspire you to organize so that you know what you have and ultimately spend less! Happy Organizing!



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