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I hope this week is going well for you all. Can you even believe its March already? Like how! I felt January went super slow and then Feb just zoomed on by! Anywho, today I wanted to discuss “Play tents” because for one I haven’t really shown you guys the one I put in my son’s room but honestly, it was one of the BEST buys for his room. It fits so perfectly with his theme and also, he uses it SO MUCH for pretend play it was well worth the money. And the best part about it, its such a nice decor focus in any room for kids whether that’s bedroom or playrooms.

I’ve seen play tents in all price points, however, in my case, I wanted it to be long-lasting and also be part of the aesthetic of his decor. Sure, I could have gotten something off of any website, and don’t get me wrong there are so many cute ones but as soon as I saw this one from Crate&Kids, I knew it would be perfect for his room. Armaan LOVES his space ship, he pretends to go off into space, he “reads” his books and he pretends he is going camping with his sister, just to name a few scenarios. ha! This play tent has def been multi-functional for his room and it will def be there for at least a good 3 years!

Like I mentioned above, play tents come in many different price points and I’ve had one that was very inexpensive and this one that is a little on the higher end and I will tell you that quality-wise this wins by far. It’s well made, not flimsy and it’s honestly added such a beautiful touch to my son’s room. The joy I see in his face is the best! And in this case quality def mattered because 6 months in, when my kids and their cousins were playing(pretty rough), one of the pipping broke so all I did was called Crate & Kids and the immediately overnighted a whole new set with no questions asked. They def get bonus points on the customer service there.

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to add a play tent in your kid’s rooms, below are my picks including the one Armaan has in his room. And trust me, you won’t regret it!

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