Happy new work week! A lot of you mommas who follow me are working moms and for the past 5 months we have pretty much doing bazillion things at the same time and has been a struggle to keep an actual “work space”. And its no news that we will be in our homes for a while so if you’re thinking of finally putting in a work space in your rooms, I have some helpful tips below. Honestly, I never thought that I would use my desk in my master outside of the few times a month I use to work from home. Now, this has literally become my second home. Am I right? Normally, if your use of desks in bedroom are minimal I would not splurge on a desk. However, these days with COVID-19, I myself decided to finally splurge on my desk since I’m here everyday 5x a week if not more, especially adding blogging to the mix.

So the question becomes “how do I set up a small area in my master without it looking like an office”. Well here are a few of things to keep in mind when working on this type of space.

  • When purchasing a desk, look for something that would look cohesive with a the room all together. You may find a cheaper desk but if it doesn’t go with the flow of the room then it will look out of place.
  • Unless you have a sitting area where you have room to put a bigger desk, I would opt for a “mini desk”, enough space to work and when cleaned up, you can add decorative pieces to it without it looking like a full office desk.
  • To make it functional, ensure the desks have one long drawer or two small drawers, so you can hide all the items such as keyboard, mouse, even your laptop and office supplies. Clutter-free will also keep you focused. Be sure to have a desk that doesn’t have more than two drawers because it should not become another storage unit in your room.
  • Biggest tip, at the end of the day close down everything and put it away. To be honest, I don’t always follow the rule and I forget. But its another way to just shut down work completely and be clutter free.

Now, you’re thinking where do I find desks that are nice, functional and cohesive to my room? Worry not, below are some of my favorites to get your started. I chose all different price points for you guys! Click through and tell me which one is your favorite??? Enjoy & Happy working!



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