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Namaste Friends, 

I’m so00000 excited today to share a brand that I think a lot of us can use ad relate to. About a month ago, I got a chance to use Allume Style styling service and I’m SO glad I did. Here is why.. a little back story here. To tell you the truth, I’ve never been into fashion and what I mean by that is I was never into wanting the latest trend or watching what’s out their that’s a must have for the season. I was more of a casual jeans and a cute top type of person or a nice cute flowy dress. And same goes for work. And things changed for me when I became a mom. Not only was nothing fitting me when I went back to work I did not know how to dress for my post baby body. And it was frustrating. So what did I do, I would just buy a bunch of clothes without thinking about what pieces would work with my body or the fact that I don’t need 20 tops but if I bought the right 10 tops I could style them differently. 

It took me a LONG time to finally starting feeling like myself again, especially because I had back to back babies 2 years in a row. And now that my youngest is three and I feel like I’m finally getting a hang of things, I’m finally ready to look and feel the part not only at work but outside of work and to be quite honest Allume Style walked in at the right time. The thing that connected me most to this brand is that not only does it work with all different budget levels, it was founded by a working mom and the styling fee is basically the cost of 2 venti coffees at Starbucks. Just so I can put it in perspective. So what is Allume Style and how does it work? Keep reading! 

  • Go to Allume.co setup a profile!
  • Answer a very detailed questionnaire about your fashion style, height, the type of clothing you wear, what are you looking for and what stores do you regularly shop at. You can setup your profile to have your styling session for ONE time, or quarterly, and so forth. You chose!
  • A personal stylist will setup a time where you can review a look book specifically made for you.
  • And the best part, you get to have a 15 mins text conversation at your meeting time to discuss the picks and make any changes. Once that is done, you will be sent your final 3 look books that have full 2 styled outfits.
  • THAT IS IT. Then you can buy those items at your own time, no pressure!

After I went through the entire process, the stylist checked back with me a few times to make sure I was happy with my look book. For my styled session, I ended up choosing a work outfit because I really just needed help in that area and once I received it I felt so confident putting it on, I think you can see the smile in my pictures. 

If you want to learn more about how it works, you can just click on this link below and as a special offer, use my coupon code. That’s such a good deal. You won’t be disappointed. 


Coupon Code: RUSHME50 for 50% off your styling session, making it only $10. I mean what a steal right?

Hope you guys try it, enjoy it and let me know what you guys think! 

Until next time..



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