5 Tips on Keeping Indoor Plants Happy During the Winter Season

Did you know plants need a different method of care during the winter season? Since I live on the east coast, winter tends to be 10x different than the summers, and my plant babies tend to suffer :(.  After a bunch of research, I found several methods that helped my plants thrive during the cold months of the year! 

Here are my 5 top tips that are bound to help you keep your indoor plants happy and healthy during the winter season. 

  1. Do NOT overwater your plants– Overwatering your plant can cause the roots to lack oxygen, causing it to not be able to “breathe”. You can tell your plant has been overwatered if the leaves are turning yellowish-green, the new shoots are brown, or if there is molding/rotting is happening at the roots. Just remember, less is more. 

2. Remove dead/yellowing leaves– Leaves that are dead/yellowing on plants are caused by lots of different things, like aging, insufficient water, poor sunlight, and more. Removing these leaves actually gives these signals to the plant to send nutrients to only the healthy, green leaves. 

3. Keep temperatures around 55-85 Degrees– Plants need a maintained temperature to grow properly. If a plant is too cold, it may have rotting roots, droppy/curled leaves, or discoloration of leaves. You can maintain a good temperature range for plants by maintaining light within the house, keeping caution of cold drafts, or keeping your heater on constant setting. This is the range that works best for my plants! Check with what plants you have to see the best range of temperatures that they grow in. 

4. Repot during Spring– Repotting during the winter can cause foliage damage in your plants. The spring season is the best season to repot because plants that need extra room will be able to spread and grow their roots much easier.

5. Spin Your Plants– Sometimes paints tend to grow unevenly! You can tell your plane is growing unevenly when one side tends to look much more fuller than the other. Spinning your plants in quarters after watering can help each side get an equal amount of sunshine. 

Did you know any of these tips? Let me know if these work out for you! Share this with someone you know who may need a bit of help with their plants. 

xx Rashmi

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