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Amaya recently turned 3! more like a threeanger to be quite honest. She is so verbal and knows what she wants at such a young age, I hope she becomes CEO one day with all that sass in her.. NO PRESSURE AMAYA! Ha! jk..

She has been wanting a mermaid party since the beginning of the year. If you asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she would answer “Mermaid party, because I want pink hair”. I knew eventually she would change her mind and she did after she watched Moana. I mean of all the princesses she can pick from, I was so glad she picked Moana. Moana is strong and she fights for what she believes in. Qualities that I see in Amaya already. I guess the sass level at times can go a little down, but it’s ok. I have to let her be her. Anyways, the party ended up being a little stressful to be quite honest.

A week before, we had a death in the family and then after taking a few days off I went back to work with a big launch and didn’t really have time to prep for her little party as much as I would like. It ended up being fun either way, but I think the decor came out the best it could for the time I had. I had purchased everything from Amazon a month prior. I had a vision in my head and I think for the most part it executed the way I wanted it too. I did not look at Pinterest, these were just all in my head. I try not to skew my creativity. I just let it sort of come my way. And most times it does. 🙂

The best part about the party is honestly how much joy it brought to Amaya. There was only 8 kids, half were immediate family kids. I honestly am not a fan of big birthday parties, they give me anxiety. More on that part of me later. Below are some pictures from the party and links to everything I bought for her party. Hope you find some inspiration to throw your little boy or girl a Moana themed party!

For the backdrop, I individually taped the faux greenery and tried to cover the tape with the banner and balloons.
The cake is from Wegmans. We LOVE their cakes. I had them do a beach scene and then I added the Moana Boat.
I needed to last minute figure out favor bags. I had brown lunch bags threw the sippy cup in there plus a fruit packet. Then I took the left over cake toppers, pulled them out of the tooth pick and stapled them at the top with a home made name tag that I printed in minutes off of a word template. It was easy and it ended up looking super cute!
This is best family picture you can get! My little crew. 🙂

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We are so happy to see our baby girl enjoy her party with a few of her friends and family. I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of the fun filled day!

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