First I’d like to take a moment to thank my amazing RushMeHome community who made my 1st candle collaboration such a success. Personally, I was so nervous, I really didn’t know how it would be received and let’s just say I was blown away by the support. I hope this is just the beginning of what’s to come for RushMeHome. By now your candles should be well on their way to you if not already in your homes! I hope you love it as much as I do. After you have used up the candle, don’t throw the jar away. It’s neutral, sturdy and can be used around the house. Well, friends, today I’m here to share 5 quick different ways to use the RushMeHome Candle jar. Yes, that’s right, not only does it smell amazing, it’s multi-purpose. Win-win!

Before you use the jar, make sure to clean them appropriately. You can read Scrumptious Wicks blog post where she shares 6 easy DIY steps to clean and recycle your candle jars!

Let’s get started!

(1) Flower Vase OR Small Plant: This jar sturdy enough to use as a small flower vase or a small plant such as a succulent!

(2) Small Bath Caddy : This jar holds 2 small face towels and a small body brush!

(3) Make-up Brush Holder: This jar can hold up to 15 make-up brushes for a clean look for your bathroom! Ok, so don’t judge my dirty makeup brushes. Since then I have cleaned them. ha!

(4) Cotton Balls/Swabs: This jar will make your cotton balls, and swabs looks chic. If you bought multiple jars, you can use them to get a concise and consistent look in your bathroom!

Let me know your thoughts below and share when you re-purpose your RushMeHome candle jars in your homes!



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