Guys, I know I didn’t launch a rocket into space or anything but as I learn more and more about plants, I love them so much. I’ve been wanting to propagate plants for a while now and for some reason ALWAYS nervous. I know many of you think I’m an expert, but honestly I’m really not and the reason why I try as much as possible to document my plant journey is I want to show people its not as overwhelming or intimidating as it looks. It took me a while to get to this point, so give yourself grace if you’re a beginner and I always like to remind people, I myself have had some mishaps and a couple of my plants have not made it. So its not always roses and butterflies in my #plantmom journey.

I decided to propagate a Pothos because it’s the easiest. ha! Below are the 4 items I needed to get started:

  • A pothos plant that has long enough stems to do a cutting
  • Plant scissors
  • A small glass plant container
  • Some water

Propagate in 3 easy steps!

(1) Find a stem long enough where you see node(see pic)

(2) Cut right below a node(not on the node)

(3) Fill the glass container with some water and place the Pothos cutting into the container and THAT’S IT!!!

Enjoy and watch it grow roots. Once it grows roots, you can pot it like you would any other plant. Hope this was easy enough for you to try!

I can’t stress how easy it is, not sure why I was ever nervous. Now, I’m growing my own plant babies! Hope you try it too!

Happy Propagating!



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